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Spain v Germany; Euro 2024 Quarterfinal Betting Preview

Alastair Ross looks at the best bets in the Quarter-final that frankly should have been the Final.

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Spain v Germany Euro24 QF Betting Preview

The most anticipated Quarter-Final of the Euros, featuring the only 2 teams who look composed and capable enough to deserve the title of champions.

You can’t separate Spain and the hosts, Germany, in the betting prices. That’s probably how it should be, given this is happening in Germany - but Germany haven’t played opponents as hard as Spain’s, yet they haven’t dominated in the way that Spain has, and for me there are more chinks in Germany’s armour.

Spain’s dominance of their group – to the point they could make 10 changes and still win the final group game – says a lot about how they’ve got here. As far as I'm concerned, there’s not an international midfield in the world that is better than Rodri and Pedri.

Of the two teams, I fancy Spain to qualify.. They looked vulnerable down the flanks against Denmark, and that draw against Switzerland must count as a question mark too. Vulnerable flanks lead to the notion that Alvaro Morata at 6/1 with Livescore Bet is a good, if obvious, first goalscorer pick.

These are the two top-scoring teams at the tournament, but only because both sides are good as flat-track bullies, as Northern Ireland and Georgia have found out – but when the opposition is better both games have been much tighter.

Germany have a good record against Spain but this can’t been viewed in the guise of the turn-of-the-century disciplined German side against Spain’s tiki-taka generation.

As this could be close, I’d be looking at Betfred are paying out on anytime goalscorer and player cards markets for the full 120 minutes, should a match go to Extra Time and I’d fancy Germany at 8/1 to win on penalties; better keeper, better takers, better historic record.

But my gut says that it won’t go that far and that Spain should get this done in 90 mins. They’re best priced 9/5 with AK Bets.


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