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Premier League and Champions League Betting Preview - Tuesday 20th February


Tuesday 20th February – Football Preview – Premier League and Champions League with David Easson, Gavin Hamilton and Jon Driscoll.


DE: You're listening to betting radio. I'm David Easton. I've got Gavin Hamilton and John Driscoll with me. Looking at the Champions League and Premier League fixtures this evening, we will start with Athletico Madrid's trip to Inter Milan, John Driscoll Inter in fabulous form, Athletico’s away form not great.

JD: Yeah, Inter Milan have been brilliant and I genuinely put them as one of the candidates to win the Champions League this season, given that they could end up quite a way ahead in in Serie A, they've got a good mix of experience. They've got players like Denzel Dumfries coming back to fitness. So they're looking really strong. These are two of the oldest teams around and Athleti are problematic away from home. My personal view on this is literally the defensive personnel let them down when they're under pressure. First time that they've had key defenders back and they put in a 5-0 win against Las Palmas and that was a heck of a result against Las Palmas but I’m going for home advantage and an Inter Milan win

DE: Gavin Hamilton – PSV V Dortmund it's quite similar really. PSV clear at the top of their division. Dortmund struggling in the Bundesliga, but there does seem to be something about them this season in the Champions League.

GH: Yeah, it's an interesting match up as in the Dutch league against the Bundesliga first place in the Dutch League, better than fourth place in the Bundesliga. I would, I would, I would argue that the 4th place Bundesliga is always stronger, even despite PSVs form. So I'm favouring Dortmund in this. I think over the two legs they will be of the stronger of the two teams. Especially as they came through a really tough group with PSG and Milan and Newcastle, and so I'm favouring them to to win over 2 legs, but I think this could possibly be a draw – PSV have lots of firepower and I think they are capable of getting a draw but over the two legs Dortmund should get through.

DE: And it's a quick turn around for Man, City and Brentford. It was 3-1 a couple of weeks ago. City dropping points at the weekend against Chelsea. Will that be a big point in the in the race for the title? John, do you think it be similar results to the way they played a couple of weeks back or is this a City wobble1:


JD: It's a fun game, isn't it? In which they had a load of chances and should have and should have won comfortably. Off the back was it 10 or 11 wins in a row before that – I will take that kind of wobble.

Brentford aren't what they were I mean even last season they upset city, didn't they? They were the sort of team that would take it to the big sides. They're not that at the moment. The one way into this in terms of betting that you're thinking City should be far too strong, but they do concede. I've I've got a firm conviction watching this season. I've I think I've watched every single Premier League game this season. I have not seen a single team that can defend properly. I'm including City in that so the way I think to make money is always to think that they might just concede a goal. So I'm saying plenty of goals in this one because Brentford aren't great defensively. As we witnessed at the at the weekend, very much so, but City will be a bit wounded by failing to beat Chelsea, they'll come with all guns blazing, but the back door is always open.

DE: With Ivan Toney up front. Brentford have always got a chance, Gavin.

GH: That's right. And I think the way that Brentford play, they're very direct, they, they're happy to, to defend deep and and launch long balls into the channels which Neal Maupay will chase all day long. And Toney  is a brilliant hold up striker and plays that system well so I can seem them getting a goal.

DE: Thank you for that and good luck with your selections on that one.



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