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James Buttler, Gavin Hamilton and Jon Driscoll preview the UEFA Europa League - Thursday 15th February

UEFA Europa League – James Buttler, Jon Driscoll and Gavin Hamilton – Thursday 15th February

JB: A whole host of games, then in the Europa League on Thursday night. I'm James Butler, joined by Gavin Hamilton and John Driscoll. I'm going to come to you first, Gavin. I'm going to let you pick any single one of these matches, so we're going to put a double together. Your pick and John's pick where we're going with yours

GH: I'm going to Feyenoord against Roma – Feyenoord are not having as strong a season as last. they're playing second fiddle to PSV in the Dutch League, and they've got a few injuries, and I think Roma under Daniel De Rossi, the new coach, if they decide to go for it, can exploit those weaknesses. So I fancy Roma to win away from home and I think with the firepower with Lukaku and Dybala and El Sharawy and Asmoun – Roma should score a few goals here so Roma to win and over 2.5 goals.

JB: I mean just Roma to win 3.5 is probably enough for our double, isn't it? They are the outsiders and you fancy then to beat Feyenoord. That's one of the 5:45 kick offs. John, what about you for your pick.

JD: Actually, I'm also going to go for the Europa League team to beat the Champions League rejects and away from home because these are all Champions League 3rd place teams at home in this playoff round. Sporting Lisbon Sporting Club to Portugal for the purists, I'll just run into magnificent form. Eight straight wins, 31 goals scored. Eighteen goals in three games, 5-0 v Braga who were no Mickey Mouse team Victor Gykores, from Coventry to European football. 20 goals so far this season. Now they're better at home then they are away. That's the slight caveat on this, but I yeah, I've I fancy. You know Young Boys were average in the group stage of the Champions League so Sporting Lisbon to turn them over.

JB: OK Sporting then to win away at Young Boys 1.94 Roma to win away at final 3.5, that doubles up at 6.79 your Thursday night Europa League acca.




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