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James Buttler and Paul Robinson - Premier League Preview - Bournemouth v Liverpool - Sunday 21st January 2024

Premier League – Bournemouth v Liverpool – Sunday 21st January 2024

James Buttler - The match we're gonna look at Paul Robinson is Bournemouth v Liverpool, Bournemouth, 4.25 the tie 4.2 Liverpool 1.73

Liverpool top of the table but Bournemouth in fine fettle.

Paul Robinson - Yeah, Bournemouth are decent price as well over fours. I mean, you look at the form there and you had the loss last time out at Spurs and then a good comeback in FA Cup against QPR? before that they had six wins out of eight.

The new manager has really turned them around. They're playing some decent football. You question the teams that they've beaten, you say, OK, they're not beating any of the big boys but a Manchester United class is one of the big boys. I mean, they went to Old Trafford and won 3-0

So it's definitely a resurgent Bournemouth at the moment. Liverpool have 10 players missing, whether it be from AFCON or injuries, but they've still got so much quality. Four wins in a row in all competitions as you say sitting top of the League

They beat Newcastle last time out 4-2 in the league. But I was at the game. It could have been 44-2 the way that Liverpool played, they were outstanding. The forward line that they've got Darwin Nunez, Diogo Jota and Cody Gakpo with Mo Salah being away – All of them have played their part.

I think this will be a really, really good game because Bournemouth, as we say, a team that are playing well and Liverpool. You know, you always expect goals with them.

James Buttler – Dominc Solanke is in good form for Bournemouth, Paul and both teams to score is a play here isn't it?

Paul Robinson - Yeah, both teams have scored, especially Solanke he was December's player of the month six goals never scored for Liverpool when he was there, so yeah Bournemouth, I mean, like I said, they're playing well and the scoring goals they they'll want to continue that as they are a really good come back with the changed team against QPR and the FA Cup, both teams to score would be a play.

This is one where I've I've said before I wouldn't be putting Bournemouth in an acca Liverpool will be going in the accumulator, but as an outside bet, Bournemouth at home at 4/1 is worth a couple of quid and a Solanke goal as well which might get you some money back.

James Buttler - Yeah, absolutely. Bournemouth, 4.25, Liverpool 1.73. Both could appeal to you out there in betting radio lands, but we fancy both teams to score as Bournemouth take on Liverpool Sunday in the 4.30 kick off.


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