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James Buttler and Paul Robinson - Arsenal v Crystal Palace Betting Preview - Saturday 20th January 2024

Premier League - Arsenal v Crystal Palace – Saturday 20th January 2024

Paul Robinson - Arsenal have won the last seven at home versus Brighton, but this is a game that you would expect them to bounce back three defeats in a row, all competitions. Liverpool, Fulham. West Ham's performance has not been great.

The West Ham home game you would have expected them to win that and this in a similar vein. Palace obviously not as strong as West Ham and maybe go into the game with the Gunners in damage limitation mode.

They've had one win in the last five in the league, which was at home against a a poor Brentford side knocked out the FA Cup by Everton, but they they do have a tendency to score in this fixture.

They've scored in the last five against Arsenal, so it's one that they'll be looking to to try obviously to to come away with something and Arsenal in the in their current form will be looking to get back on track it's one that you would expect Arsenal to win. This will be going in a lot of people's acca for the start of the weekend and if this one doesn't come in, it will be ruining a lot of people's accumulators.


James Buttler - As you say, Arsenal lost their last three matches in all competitions. They last lost four in a row in March 2018. This isn't something that Arsenal do, is it? Yeah, I think most people will be looking to them to bounce back in this game.

Paul Robinson - Yeah, absolutely. And what an opportunity to do at home as well, you know, all the odds, would you the everything's in favour. Hence the reason that they're they're so short. I mean, you're looking for a way in the if you create a bet  - Saka has 12 goal involvements this season. Six goals, 6 assists Arsenal don't back them to have cards. They're the least carded team in the Premier League but they're the team with the most corners.

They average 7.9 corners a game, so there's a way in. There's a bit of value with an Arsenal win, maybe Saka goal involvement and somewhere in the corners market too.

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