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AFCON 2023 Betting Preview with Kelechi Nkoro

AFCON 2023 Betting Preview

Kelechi Nkoro looks ahead to the action in the Ivory Coast


My first pick will be the Moroccan team because this team has superstars but more so they have a point to prove. The last time they went on to win the tournament was back. In 1976, YES, 1976.

You heard me right and now they have to prove to us that what we saw at the World Cup wasn't just for the world stage, but they can do that at the African stage.

So they have to show that they can be dominant and the African stage. And I think the stars like Ziyech and Amrabat have to show us that they are force to be reckoned with

There's been a lot of investment done in the Moroccan FA, both in helping out in tournaments in the last few years. You've seen a rise in Moroccan football but without a tournament win to show for it then it may feel like a waste. There is a lot of motivation to get it right in Morocco.


I think that the 2019 winners Algeria could have a strong month too.

They are a very compact team. They have what I would say more like a team team. So when I say A-Team a team that plays like a team. So it's not like a superstar team. Yes, you have Riyad Mahrez but he is not the sole man carrying the time. They work together as a unit to achieve their goals, and I think they are another team that I'll be putting my money on that they can go on to win the tournament.

Ivory Coast

The host nations for me, I have never seen a host nation look so convincing in the last few years. Egypt looked convincing when they hosted it. Cameroon, no one really thought they would even go as far as they did. I think this Ivory Coast side look very convincing. Yes, they have Sebastian Haller, they have Kessie but there’s also a strong team behind them including Wily Boly and Serge Aurier, Jean Michel Serri and more.

They are hard to penetrate and they have goals in them and I think they have every chance of winning it on home soil.


Now I’m Nigerian and I know you will say why has he not picked Nigeria!

Well we have a great forward line and lots of goals in the team but we do concede that’s why I think my own team Nigeria may struggle during this tournament.

Best of luck and enjoy all the action at AFCON 2023.


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