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James Buttler, Jon Driscoll and Gavin Hamilton - UEFA Champions League Preview - Tuesday 13th February

UEFA Champions League – Tuesday 13th February – James Buttler, Gavin Hamilton and Jon Driscoll


JB: This is James Butler for Betting Radio. Pleased to say joined by Gavin Hamilton and John Driscoll to look ahead to Tuesday night's action in the Champions League and just start off with you Gavin Hamilton. We're gonna look for a double between the two of you and Gavin your best bet is in Copenhagen against Manchester City.


GH: Right. I think with Copenhagen, it's going to be backs to the wall, obviously against city in the way that Everton, Everton led the way at the weekend where they they showed how to to defend against Man City for most of the game so so they will copy that template and they will. It will be a low scoring game. So I'm I'm gonna I'm gonna risk a 0-0 draw against a City side that they knows that they can win it back in Manchester.


JB: Are you trying to scupper the double straight away!

GH: In Group stages last year that game was 0-0 in Copenhagen and City won 5-0 back in Manchester so I can see a similar scenario


JB: Could I argue a compromise here and rather than going on 0-0, can we go under 1.55 and there's a little bit of wiggle room just in case Man City with 1-0 or something like that.

Yeah. Yeah. So seeing as it's a double on this one, gamble responsibly out there. Everybody. John Driscoll. I've given them the the first game of the night to there to Gavin there, that leaves us the game and the other game on there. RB Leipzig against Real Madrid. Real Madrid, starting just as favourites. What would be your best bet be on that one.


JD: Yeah, I mean the the possibility here Leipzig to score first. I think Real Madrid much better team than Leipzig. I think. I think overall they will have too much but Real Madrid are really patched together and they were brilliant against Girona at the weekend in that title decider as everyone labelled it.

Vinicius was magnificent, but Bellingham's injured and Bellingham adds to a very long injury list. So we'll wait and see whether any centre backs are fit. They had literally no centre backs fit the other day at all and they use their 19th different back four combination for the game could end up with number 20.

We'll see who's fit for this one. So Leipzig to grab something to grab an early goal, perhaps both teams to score that sort of thing. But I I still think Real Madrid are magnificent. I think they are potential candidates to win it if they can get everybody fit. That's the big if against Real Madrid

JB: Statistical credence in your backing of RB Leipzig to scorethe first goal they scored first in three of the last four games in the Champions League. They are 2.08 to do that again. So if you double up Copenhagen Man City under 1.5 like seek to score the first goal against Real Madrid. 2.08 gives us a double nice of 10.41.



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