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David Easson and Paul Robinson - Premier League Betting Preview - Friday 15th December 2023

David Eason for Betting Radio looking at the weekends football with Paul Robinson, the former England, Leeds and Tottenham goalkeeper and we've got one of his old sides Tottenham are going to Forest.

Paul Robinson: Yes they had a good performance away at Manchester City where not many people including myself gave them a chance. Yes Newcastle had run out of gas but it was still a good win.

Richarlison finally scoring a goal, getting these two goals as he has flattered to deceive for a long time and has not been good enough. As a nine Son'scarried the can, but to get the goals last week was good for him and that performance you'd like to see it continue. And that's been his issue. He's never been able to put a run of games and performances together. But Spurs as a whole last week, I thought they were very good Pape Sarr coming back into the team made a huge difference. And they go into a forest forest. I've watched a couple of times who are struggling at the moment. Granted, they got a great draw last week at wolves. And there's all the talk about Steve Cooper having one game to save his job, which as he quite rightfully said was very very unfair if that was put like that, like turning around to a player and saying you've got one game to play well, you're never playing for the club again. So that pressure was was incredible. And they were going to a good well organised Wolves side. So it was a good result for Forest but I've seen them at home against Everton, defensively the far too susceptible at the city ground which has been their real fortress seems to have gone quiet a little bit. You know, I was there for the Everton game and the fans were behind Steve Cooper. They were behind the team. But there wasn't the noise. There wasn't the charge that there was. And spurs in good form at the moment going there. There's there's one thing I think there'll be goals. I think both teams are capable of scoring.

Dave Easson: Yeah, Friday night under the lights might make it quite difficult for Tottenham, they're about a seven to 10 at the lab and in places for his best price and a 19 to five it's good home for him. And it is a difficult place to go when it's rocking, but Tottenham have disability with most away games, certainly to score. But also, if you think about what they didn't, they did earlier in the season, they can quite places down with the way that they play football on the front foot.

Paul Robinson: I was I was at the Manchester City game, I was working for the Manchester City TV channel and talking to the guys and girls that work on the channel. They were pleased that spurs had so many players missing with rummer out Van derVenn out Maddison out and they were talking about you look at spurs and the first 10 games of the season. If that Tottenham team had came and played the way that the Tottenham team that did with all the injuries in the players missing City, they would have probably got more and given them an even better game. I mean granted City should have been out of sight at halftime, but that's just an indication of where spurs are at and they're starting to get back to that level now. I think away from home it doesn't hold any fear for them now going anywhere. And the free scoring the scoring goals they press high they play in the channels they get in behind defences and they will score goals regardless whether they win football matches they will score goals so if you bet every week for spurs there's a Romero yellow cards but also both teams to score and a fancy the same year a fancy the same on Friday night I think we're in for a really good game.

Tottenham and both teams to score is 11/5 Tottenham and over two and a half goals in the game is 7/5 so ways in for the away side it's Nottingham Forest taking on Tottenham at the City Ground.


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