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David Easson and Paul Robinson - Premier League Betting Preview - Saturday 16th December.

This is David Eason for Betting Radio looking at Saturday's football in the Premier League and it's a bit of Dycheballl going on at Burnley Burnley vs Everton I've got Paul Robinson, the former England goalkeeper with me to that one of his old sides Burnley facing possibly a more Burnley side than then even themselves. It's Burnley versus Burnley Sean Dyche has Everton on a real roll?

Paul Robinson: Yeah I mean they've been fantastic having I mean all the off field pressures that they've had to cope with. Sean's used that to his advantage, as we spoke about before in many, many pretty much previews. The siege mentality that goes against them. And he really has put that into his favour. I mean, you look at them now the sound 13 points, they should be on 23 points, almost the top half of the Premier League. There are different sides of what they were last year the year before. They're they're a good watch. They're not a purist watch, but they're a good watch. If you like watching the team, effective at what they do. They're very direct at times. They're very, very well drilled that we're in second balls. The core has been excellent this season, Jack Harrison's coming into his own this season. Starting to play well keep clean sheets at home, and the perfect game for them last week Chelsea they just bullied a really poor Chelsea side. And that's where they're at the moment. Burnley are trying to be a little bit more pragmatic Vincent Kompany has changed the five nil against Sheffield United was a freak result of the season, but then they go to Brighton and get a draw. So you say Have they have they turned the corner a little bit? But now that they're only certain eight points, they've got a long way to go with Burnley. And I just think they're playing Everton at the wrong time for them.

David Easson: And Everton you can get around 23 to 20 thinking beside in that kind of form, looking at what they've done. In these last few games, they've won their last three they've conceded precisely zero

Paul Robinson: Yeah I've been looking at Doucoure as well. I've put Doucore into there. It's hard to back against Everton at the moment. With Sean going back there a point to prove. I feel that he wasn't given the opportunity to keep the club in the Premier League at the time when he was probably the best equipped to do that. After his record, Sean will certainly get a huge welcome back to the club. But I think he'll walk away with the points and the Doucoure I like his goal involvements to a goal or an assist somewhere there and an Everton win

David Easson: Yep. Everton win and Abdoulaye Doucore to score you can well get 3/1 in places you can have certain bet builders can have you Doucoure to one or to score or assist with Everton to win and over one and a half tackles was 7/2 with Bet 365

Paul Robinson: The tackle one going in is a strange one well maybe he's not famed for his tackling ability but yes, that plays what with his recent goalscoring records and assists I'd be tempted to have a strong look at the score or assist in an Everton win.

Doucoure is really showing in that midfield for Everton as they go to Burnley on Saturday evening. Good luck with your selections on that one.

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