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Tom Feheaney's FA Cup First Round Replays

Tom Feheaney's FA Cup First Round Replays

Tom Feheaney's FA Cup First Round Replays

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Betting Radio, Sports Preview I'm Tom Feahney and these are my FA Cup 1st Round Replay Picks. So the 1st Round got underway a few weeks ago, with some non-league sides guaranteeing their place in the 2nd Round of the competition, while others were able to force replays, and in some cases were unlucky to have to play this 2nd match. Well the 1st game to look at is Horsham against Barnsley.

It's going to be televised. And after the 3-0 draw last time round, Horsham will be going into this one full of confidence, taking on League 1 opposition but with the home advantage this time round. Full credit to Horsham who brought over 500 fens to Oakwell on a Friday night in South Yorkshire.

Now Horsham are on a decent run of form this season, and I do feel that they'll be looking at this one thinking they've got a chance. Now my big prediction with this one, there will be goals in this game again. And I'm going to say there'll be over 2.5 goals in this match.

I do feel Barnsley have got that quality, and they will be able to sneak past the non-league side. Now two teams that are away from home are Scarborough Athletic and Slow Town, both so near to gaining wins. Scarborough conceding late on against Forest Green Rovers, and Grimsby Town needing a late equaliser against Slow Town.

I feel that this is two really tough games for the sides. I feel Slow, who scored that wonderful free kick, who's Scott Davis their player manager this time round, it'll be a little bit too much for them and they will be eliminated. Well I feel Scarborough Athletic have what it takes to beat Forest Green Rovers, who aren't on the best run of form in League 2. Also they gain confidence from beating Oxford City less time round in the fourth qualifying round away from home in a replay in midweek.

Now two non-league teams go up against each other in York City and Chester, and there really isn't too much between these sides. One division apart, York not on the best run of form, while Chester are full of confidence over the past few weeks. And I do feel that the National League North side will be the ones who gain the victory in this game.

I don't think there'll be too much in it though, and I feel there'll only be a single goal between the two teams. So the final game to look at then, and again this will be televised as well, Cray Valley Paper Mills against Charlton Athletic. Michael Appleton made a host of changes for the tie first time round, and I feel that he will be correcting that, putting out a much stronger 11 for Charlton.

Though Cray Valley are on an incredible run of form throughout this season, I do feel that that home support will be playing a big part in this. But I've got to say, I feel Charlton will have just a little bit too much for them this time round. Well, plenty of drama will be taking place in the first round replays.

Hopefully more non-league teams will be progressing through to the second round of the FA Cup this week.

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