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National League Picks 16th November

National League Picks 16th November

National League Picks 16th November

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So there was plenty of drama last weekend and some important results to go with it as well. We are hoping for more of the same this time round and the first game to look at. See Barnet who lost that big top, the second clash last weekend against Chesterfield. Or they'll be hoping to make amends and possibly claw back some points on the spy rights as well. This time round Barnetts are going up against Gateshead. Barnett's home form is really impressive while gate sets waveform has been suspect over the last couple of weeks though the heat did gain an emphatic six N victory last Saturday as they defeated Dorking Wanderers. Though I think this time round it will be Barnett who gain the free points. They've also been masters of getting late goals over the last couple of weeks and I think that will be happening again.

The depth of their bench really does be an advantage to them during that last 15 to 20 minutes. Well another game to look at. Caesar team who have recently fired their manager in Woken and Saul did an incredible job last time round, but this season they've really not got going. Their recruitment has been questionable and it really has started to show as they're currently in mid table they take on Oldham Athletic and I think the best way to describe Mickey Mellon starts with the Latinx is that it's been a slow one for the side. They'll be hoping they can gain an important three points as they look to get nearer to the top seven places and a place in those playoffs and I think they'll be getting the win this time round. And the final game to look at sees John Esky makers return to York City.

He gained promotion with the instrument a few years ago to the National League. He's now the Hartley Pool boss and the last few weeks the Hartley Pool I think is best to be described as frustrating both on and off the pitch. Last weekend they were too on up with moments to go and still couldn't get the win. Drawing too all against absolute United while York City gained a morale boosting victory against AFC filed. And I do feel that the Minster men will be the side who gained the win this time round. I do feel both teams to score is a good option for this. York City have got the potential in their to stop climbing the table ever so slowly. So in terms of who I think will be winning this weekend, I think Barnett will be gaining what will be an important three points for the bees. I think Ham Athletic will be going away from home against working and leaving with all three points and I think York City will be making it back-to-back league victories as they look to gain the win against Hartley Pool United. Well it's going to be really interesting to see what happens over the next few days. We'll see if there's any more drama in the National League.

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