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James Buttler, Gavin Hamilton and Jon Driscoll - UEFA Champions League - Wednesday 14th February

James Buttler, Gavin Hamilton and Jon Driscoll - UEFA Champions League - Wednesday

James Buttler, Gavin Hamilton and Jon Driscoll - UEFA Champions League - Wednesday 14th February

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UEFA Champions League – James Buttler, Gavin Hamilton and Jon Driscoll – Wednesday 14th February

JB: This is James Butler for Betting radio, joined by Gavin Hamilton and John Driscoll to look out to the two games in the Champions League on Wednesday evening. Let's start off with you, John here, and PSG against Real Sociedad 1.7 for PSG, Real Sociedad are the Outsiders at 5 in the market. What would be your best bet for our double on this games on Wednesday?

JD: So I like the idea that Real Sociedad will cause problems for PSG here. Now they they can't score a goal Real Sociedad that that's their problem. They've got 11 and 13. They were beaten by Osasuna at the weekend. And they've hit and they've scored six goalless draws in 13 games, which is an incredible record and a combination of different reasons. Sometimes they can't create, sometimes they create and can't score. But what they do well is that they will have a brilliant, organised, hard working press that will put pressure on PSG. It might be all over the pitch. It might be deep and trying to hit on a counterattack. They will have a plan and they are the kind of team that PSG really struggled against, it's this is sort of David and Goliath.
It's big spending oil money against the homegrown Basques and put it bluntly Real Sociedad are brilliantly well organised team. So under you know under 1.5 perhaps the goalless draw even is is a possibility. Because Real Sociedad know how to get a goalless draw and I know PSG have got the fire power so that you might just want to loosen that off a bit for the for the double. But I sort of tempted by the 0-0.
JB: Tempted by the 0-0 if you fancy the under 0.5 that around the 10 mark but for the purposes of this double we'll put under 1.5 in there at 3.66 and looking to the other game then Lazio against Bayern Munich and this one's for you Gavin Hamilton. Where would you take me? For your best bet on this.

GH: I think we're going Bayen bouncing back from the disappointment of humiliation of losing to Leverkusen at the weekend in the Bundesliga, so I think they going to bounce back. They are too strong for Lazio and I think the value really is probably not in Harry Kane because he's he's been scoring for fun. But elsewhere in that lineup.
I think maybe go for over 2.5 goals in the game – Lazio are capable of scoring - The value is in goals for this game, so I would probably need a little bit of steel on the number of goals. I think there's value in a number above 2 1/2 maybe.

JB: Bayen Munich and goals, then in this game over well, then, to score a goal is 1.11. So that's ridiculously skinny over 1.5 goals though is 1.6 – Over 2.5 Bayen goals Gavin is 2.9 – Over 3.5 is priced at 5.5.

GH: I've been looking at over 2.5 goals, maybe over 3.5 goals if Harry Kane is in there.

JB: OK - That's our double then PSG v Real Sociedad under 1.5 goals at 3.6 and Lazio v Bayen Munich over 2.5 goals and 2.9 – That’s a double of 10.63

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