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Premier League Thursday Bets with Paul Robinson

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Newcastle Injury Woes Before Everton Clash

Betting Radio's David Easson speaks to former England goalkeeper Paul Robinson ahead of Thursday's Premier League matches

David Easson: It should be rocking at Goodison Park. Everton, who looked good against Forest at the weekend face Newcastle who on Saturday night themselves beat Manchester United and were very impressive in that game at Newcastle. The Magpies are favourites for this one Paul and you'd say, yes they are based on results and the performances they're putting in, but they are down to the bare bones in terms of players.

Paul Robinson: And they lost Nick Pope at the weekend to turn unfortunate shoulder injury. That's a massive blow for them. They keep surprising us churning out these results. Newcastle are so well drilled and they're very well organized under Eddie Howe. They got a fantastic result, although it might not have seemed like it at the time against PSG away in the Champions League. They've beaten Manchester United, they've swatted Chelsea aside and this is a depleted Newcastle side down to the bare bones away from home. They had that disappointing result at Bournemouth which shows that there are a few chinks in the armour potentially and I can't see that it's going to continue with these players that they've got. It has to come to a stop at some point. The crowd quite often get them over the line. At St James's they played against the poor Manchester United side, let's be honest and I saw Everton at the weekend against Forest in what was a really, really poor game. But Everton were organised, they were workmanlike. They focus very, very hard on second balls, win a lot of them and they make it difficult for teams. The record away from home this year is excellent. Everton have won as many away games this season as they have in the last two seasons combined already, which is a fantastic stat for them. At home they haven't been as good as we'd have expected them to be but I think they will make it ugly here and I think they'll cause Newcastle problems. I think if Newcastle are favourites there's value in the Toffees.

Dave Easson: There certainly is value in Everton to beat Newcastle! Let's move on to your old side Tottenham who pulled off that late show against Manchester City at the weekend. they may have tweaked the way that they played during that game but still Ange-Ball continues. They face West Ham. They're favourites for this and you would expect them to win but again, players coming in, players coming back, but he does have the basis of a side that should beat West Ham.

Paul Robinson: Three defeats on the spin before the Manchester City game, I think everybody expected it to be four, because of the way that they were depleted and they were going to a very strong City side. It's always difficult to go to the Etihad with your starting XI regardless of how many players you're missing. They were confident, they took the game to City and in the games that they've lost - take the Chelsea game out of it - the performances have been okay. It was a massive point for them at the Etihad.

West Ham are inconsistent and unpredictable. I thought they would have won at the weekend at home to Palace. I just think with Spurs playing the way that they are, the players that have come in have picked up the way the manager wants to play. They've continued what was put into foundations in the first ten games of the season and I think they'll be too strong for West Ham.

Dave Easson: That double of Everton and Spurs let's put it together on the decimals. Around 3.25 for Everton. If you're betting that way. Tottenham 1.75 gives you 5.69.

What's that in old money 9/2?

Paul Robinson: Put Son in there as a goalscorer as well and you're increasing your value all the time.

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