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Premier League and Champions League Betting Preview - Wednesday 21st February

Wednesday 21st February 2024 – Premier League and Champions League Betting Preview – David Easson, Gavin Hamilton and Jon Driscoll.


DE: You're listening to Betting Radio looking ahead to Wednesday night's games in the Champions League and the Premier League. Napoli against Barcelona is where we're going to start with and Gavin Hamilton going to start with you on this one. The names are big, the teams are well, actually Barcelona, not far off in La Liga?

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GH: No, they're not. But they've had they're having, by their standards, you know, a pretty disastrous season, Xavi having already announced that he's on his way in the summer, it doesn't feel like this is a team that sort of has the Barcelona identity about them.

There's something not quite right, and yeah when you've got the financial problems, they got off the pitch it's reflected on the pitch and that's been the problem all season.

They're only sort of outdone by Napoli really in their disastrous season compared to last season. And they were the one of the most exciting teams in Europe. So, this has the feel of sort of two heavyweights slugging it out and they've seen better days.

They're capable both of them of mistakes in defence. So, I think there will be goals in this. I think I'll be looking at least above 2 1/2 goals for this because I think they have the talent in attack, but they have the problems in defence as well, so there will be goals.


DE: OK, goals in that one, John - Porto v Arsenal, Porto is always one of those places that you could label tricky to go to in in the Champions League and Arsenal - their away form hasn't been brilliant in in European competition, but have they got enough to get through this game?

JD: Yeah, they can definitely get a win. It'll be interesting to see Arteta's approach, whether he goes in with a lot of respect. Obviously, they've absolutely thrashed both West Ham and Burnley in their last two games, last five wins in a row. They've scored 21 goals conceded 2 so they're in as good a form as anybody at the moment are Arsenal.

We've got this sort of narrative going in the Premier League where everyone assumes that City will just steamroller past everybody in in the final straight. But who knows? Because you know, Arsenal, Arsenal are a good team. Liverpool are a good team and playing really well. They're one of the teams that can win the Champions League. Arsenal. I'm not. I mean, I'm not. I'm not predicting it, but they're in the bracket of teams.

Porto aren't bad. They're not great. They're well off the pace in Portugal. It's not a classic team that, you know, sometimes you looking through and you see, every now and again, A team emerges from that midfield pack, but the reality of where? European football moves is that the bigger leagues are getting stronger because of the structure, because of where the money goes. And so, the team like Porto has lost ground on a team like Arsenal, Arsenal to win it comfortably over the two games I’m going for a fairly low scoring first game.


DE: And Gavin Liverpool against Luton in the Premier League this game brought back because Liverpool are in the Carabao Cup at the weekend, Liverpool with a couple of injuries. But Luton is this a too quick a turnaround from the Manchester United game because they would normally have a good week to prepare for a trip to Anfield. But this is a quick turnaround.


GH: Yeah, they haven’t got the squad to cope - I know Liverpool are worried about the injuries that they've got, and they are missing key players but the squad is so much stronger than teams like Luton who you know relying on a first eleven with not too much back up.

They could nick something from a set piece. That's when they will try and get bodies in the box but if Liverpool play their usual game, then it’s going to be tough for Luton.

The value is maybe in Luton. Getting something from a set piece, but it's I think it's highly unlikely and I think the prices reflect that.


DE: John - Does your no Premier League side can defend rule come in here?


JD: Applies to Liverpool I’m afraid to say because they're just there. There's there is a mistake in Liverpool, isn't there? And games that you think they're winning comfortably they chuck a stupid goal in the back of the net. So, it's always a possibility. I mean you know I'm struggling to make a strong case for Luton, turning this around Luton are not great. They're a team that gives 100%. That's why we all like them. They lack technical quality. They'll bomb the ball into the box when they get the chance. So, when they're really good is later stages of games when they're actually chucking bodies forward and trying to unsettle teams but I think Liverpool will be too strong.

That's why the prices are what they are. But yes, very much no one can defend in the Premier League that includes Liverpool, so maybe Luton can nick something.

DE: Good stuff. Thank you for that. And thank you for your all your contributions there and good luck with your selections.




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