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David Easson and Paul Robinson look at the best bets in the Premier League on Wednesday 6th December

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Can Aston Villa shock Rodri-less City?

Betting Radio's David Easson speaks to former England goalkeeper Paul Robinson ahead of Aston Villa versus out-of-form Manchester City

Paul Robinson: City struggle without Rodri, the stats are there. And with him, Grealsih and it looks like Doku as well it's a real test. When Doku came off against Spurs the game changed. City were powerful, strong, quick, direct, and Doku was their outball. Without him they became slow, they became possession dominated and pedestrian-like at times I think he'll be a huge miss for them. They're going to a Villa side who are very, very good at home this season. Away from home it hasn't quite clicked into gear for Villa but they're winning games at home comfortably and I really like what Unai Emery is doing there.

City couldn't have a worse game this midweek. The players they've got missing going to a Villa side who are exceptional at home, I think this is going to be a really tough one for City. I never back against City but I think at the moment they're conceding too many goals. Four at Chelsea, two against Leipzig, three against Tottenham. They're shipping goals and they're not firing as well as they want to be going forward. I think this is some very, very good value in Villa.

David Easson: At home, 13 consecutive home wins. They are a fantastic side at Villa Park.

Paul Robinson: They have pace that frightens teams. In Ollie Watkins and Diaby they've got pace and goals and as I say, it's not difficult to score against Manchester City at the moment. City seem very culpable of conceding a similar goal. It's a straight ball over the top. You saw the first goal that Son scored at the Etihad and seems to be the carbon copy of the goal that he scores every year there. And they're getting undone by the same type of goal and I just think this is a really difficult time for them to be going to Villa Park. I really do.

I never back against City Scoring. City will score. They always score. But I think Villa might just outscore them. I think there's a lot of value in a very good side that are at home and with both teams to score. So a Watkins goal, both teams to score in a Villa win

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